Darma-Ra / Reed: Welcome to Morningland…


That’s what we used to hear, isn’t it? Yes, I remember that. I’m not exactly sure what it was that got me excited enough to want to go there in the first place. In 1980 I had received a psychic reading and was told that I would meet a woman with white hair who would give me a vast amount of knowledge and that I would gain tremendous growth. I guess I have to start in Texas at my father’s place. I didn’t like being in Houston; it was so hot all the time. Heat is one thing, but this was sweltering, muggy and sweaty dead air at 8:00 in the morning. Every day! How could anyone stand it? The people there were steadily worn down by the heat year after year, to that typical slow pace one thinks of when visualizing a southern town. I just couldn’t think of myself ending my days looking like a stewed prune.

This was a time in my life when I had a vigorous Buddhist practice to maintain. I was deeply into the metaphysical world to such an extent that it was impossible to turn back. I had seen and experienced too much for that. I had been getting my daily dose of energy; the accumulated Chi from the intense chanting I did, about two hours a day. The droning of this ancient Chinese Sanskrit language would leave me buzzing and reverberating for hours to the point where I could literally hear my auric field all the time, and I still do. No, it’s not tinnitus, I’ve been checked for that. When one hears the silence, what is being heard is the humming of their own electrical field. It generates a solid super high pitch electronic sound throughout our auric field just like a power plant.

I went to a ‘Unity’ bookstore to browse and see what kind of metaphysical books they had, and as I was scanning over the titles, I came across one called “The Reappearance of the Christ and the Ascended Masters of Wisdom.” ‘Hey now!….That sounds interesting,’ I thought. I reached for it and suddenly I was hit with a powerful solid beam electronic frequency in my left ear, then my right. Then it began to change pitch as I was wincing and touching my ears looking startled. The sales woman asked if I was all right. I remember telling her, “I believe so.” The poor woman didn’t want me dying in her store! I can understand that; however it wasn’t painful, just surprising and then it abruptly stopped. Interesting, never had that happen before. My intuition had told me that this was the book to have, so I promptly bought it. She looked at me with that look that says, ‘O K A Y?! He’s weird.’ ( I saw her eyebrows shifting with polite discomfort.)

While I was reading the book at home, I kept getting bombarded by these frequencies in long nonstop sequences that sounded like the alarm on a microwave. I was being communicated with. I kept getting impulsive thoughts that I needed to return to California for some reason; and it was an URGENT sensation. The intensity became steadily stronger as I read, and I finally finished the book. I had to finish it quickly so I could start packing. My father didn’t know ‘what the hell was going on with Reed?’ He’s cracking up! “Dad, I’ve got to leave and go back to California.” “Whad’ya mean you’re leaving? Going where? Now wait a minute,” he said. After a lot of explaining and arguing that fell on deaf ears, I left. I didn’t know where I was going; I felt like I was being pulled. “What am I doing?” I said out loud to myself, driving through the Arizona mountains. “We’re going West young man,” I said clenching my teeth, gripping the wheel with intent as my eyes pierced the landscape. I couldn’t shake that maddened grin off my face, nor did I want to. I WAS EXCITED!

Arriving in California, I immediately went to Gary’s place where I used to live when we were room mates before I went to Houston. The memories this trailer park held. I remember the psychic experiences I had again and again; it’s no wonder, since there were high tension lines overhead that had three different crisscrosses. Apparently, the electrical field of these lines interfaced with my electrical field and caused psychic things to occur. What a surprise I walked into; the trailer park had been sold while I was in Houston and Gary no longer lived there. Now what was I going to do? I thought of my father telling me this and that and I began to worry. Lucky for me an old friend of ours who still lived there, knew where Gary had moved his ‘Silver Mansion’ to. I went out to Malibu Hills to see him. I told him what happened to me in Houston, Texas and he told me about this really ‘Cool’ place in Long Beach called Morningland. So we smoked a whole gram of hash and went to see this ‘Trippy lady with white hair.’ Oh, by the way, this was March 7th, 1982.

Gary and I went up to the white two story building. This was IT! I felt excited and electrified, but also apprehensive. We went in and met Mon-Ra- Sone and Avi-on in the foyer area. They were extremely warm and friendly, and directed us to go into the Dome Room. The air was charged with something. I know my head was charged with hash, but on subsequent visits when I was not stoned it was the same. CHARGED! There was definitely a discernible energy in this place. My ears were getting frequencies that wouldn’t quit. I noticed that everybody looked like officers of ‘Starfleet Command.’ How cool! And then I saw her! Royal. A Queen in her own right. You felt compelled by her energy to give her that kind of respect. “Wow, she’s beautiful!, I thought. In fact, look at everybody in this place! Where are we? Everything and everyone was so clean & polished looking; I liked what I was seeing.

Gary and I milled around a bit. Some Morningland representatives knew we were stoned and had major cotton mouth and we were offered a cocktail glass of iced tea with a smile. 🙂 After conversing a while with a guy called Arunachela, the event began. “WELCOME TO MORNINGLAND!”, said the tall man in the white uniform, looking as radiant as the woman we’d just seen. He points a raising palm toward the woman with white hair. “MEET OUR LOVELY QUEEN OF PEACE, SRI DONATO!” The man’s name was Kamazi 1. He exhibited all the confidence of a professional stage performer. (little did I realize until later, boy, what a performance!) He talked and talked about Morningland this and Morningland that, and the ‘Energy Vortex’, The ‘Holy Father’, and ‘Donato the Christ.’…Wait a minute. I thought, WHO?…Donato the Christ…who’s THAT?…Who ARE these people? Funny thing, somehow it all made sense the way Kamazi 1 had explained it, but what happened to Jesus? Did he decide to sit this one out? Remember, Gary and I were Buddhists, but we didn’t just jump off the ‘turnip truck!’

Well anyway, we all went into the Throne Room for the Healing. Ooooohh! This is gonna’ be neat! There were sparkling crystals throwing colors everywhere hanging from the ceiling in various places, forming symbols that I didn’t recognize. Everything was immaculately clean. On the altar were plants, shells, water, crystals, and more. There was a huge three decked concentric gold triangle on the wall with a big lit up eye in the middle of it. Being guests, Gary and I were invited up to the altar for healing. We were all lined up horizontally across the width of the altar, and when Sri Donato stepped in front of me, she took hold of my hands and said to me, “Welcome Home, Reed, We’ve been waiting for you.” I thought, you have? Oh….now what happens? She put her healing hands over my head and I could feel the energy moving up and down through my crown chakra. This is impressive, I thought. And it is! As a Reiki Master, I now have this ability to move energy as well. But back then I had no knowledge of healing. This woman truly had some potent power.

After a couple of months of coming to the ashram consistently, I asked for discipleship and was accepted by Sri. YESSS! I was getting used to being in bliss at this point so it seemed like the right time to ask. I relinquished my Buddhist practice at that time and felt that I had gone as far as I could with it anyway. About three or four days after receiving my medallion, I saw some unpleasant changes that I was really uneasy with in the behavior of some of the other disciples, petty bickering and correcting each other mercilessly. It took about a month before it dawned on me that there were several attitudes in this place. It seemed as though there was a strong Klingon warrior stance attitude without tolerance. (FOR THAT INFRACTION YOU SHOULD DIE!). That kind of thing. Then there was a SNOOTY, SNOTTY, HOSTILE Rommulan attitude from those who thought they were the Elite of the Universe. There was a certain cruelty about them. Then there were the artistic argumentatives of Bajor, overly sensitive to everything said and done. Take all these attitudes, drop them into a starfleet uniform and you’ve got a typical Morninglander. I hate to admit this, but I was caught up in it as well. The constant corrections for all thoughts, words, and deeds had become so fearful and maddening that I would literally start to sweat and experience anxiety attacks, trying to be seen as a ‘good puppy’ rather than a ‘bad dog’. By God,…I was determined to become one of Sri’s clones. In my opinion, from my present perspective, Sri Donato is a fraud who has manipulated her way into Karmic retribution, and the last thing I want to be is one of her clones. And now in hindsight, that would have been the worst thing that could have happened to me.

The most difficult thing for me to handle while I was there, was that I had no job to do, like everyone else seemed to have; no place for me to work or be, so I milled around the ashram for several hours every day, seven days a week. I just went to a few classes, got yelled at constantly, and tried to make myself believe I was happy. About midway through 1983, I did reach a point where I thought this is a bunch o’ shit! I came to a Friday night event and I was feeling really good. It had been an exceptionally good day for me and I felt bubbly and really great. As I approached the front door of the temple, showing me his famous plastic smile, Kamazi 1 asked me in his nice, pleasant voice, “Well, Darma-Ra, and how are you doing today?” I answered, “Great! I’m feeling fantastic.” He responded with a suddenly shut-off face, malevolent eyes and acidy tone, “Well, since you’re feeling so Goddamn good, you won’t mind coming in to see me tomorrow morning at ten o’clock. DON’T BE LATE.”

Oh my God! What have I done now? That set the tone for the entire night. This was the typical modus operandi for Kamazi 1, to lure you into the trap and snap it shut. He was quite adept at intimidation, using looks, innuendoes, and tone of voice. One’s discipleship always hung in the balance of the unknown. This was the grip of fear that Morningland held on its disciples. How could we possibly tolerate living life on this planet outside the ashram without our discipleship? We were constantly told that if we denied the Master or left the ashram, we would revert back to less than nothing, lower than before we came in, and lose all of our circuitry.

One of the ways to ascend and gain favor in this group was to rat out your friends. There was plenty of spying on each other going on continually, and I wanted no part of it and never did it myself, however, I did get spied on. I was getting really disgusted with what I saw going on around me, and all it was doing was stimulating anxiety and anger, the one thing they were hoping for. Was this part of THE PLAN?

Ten o’clock A.M. rolled around while I waited; then ten-fifteen (“AND DON’T BE LATE!”). Oh Shit! Here he comes. He looks pissed; head down, eyes up. Sinister. Now, I wonder how long he rehearsed that one in the mirror. We went into the Alpha office, & he closed the door firmly which reminded me of a jail cell door being shut. This really created terror when he started in ranting and raving, accusing me of all kinds of things in rapid fire succession. I was too paralyzed with fear to respond. I didn’t want to lose my discipleship. Anything but that! Well, I felt like garbage for about a month after that. Every time I saw him, he was looking at me with that evil look in his eyes. I knew I was on his shit list. I finally got up the courage to ask Kamazi 1 if there was a department that I could work in so I could feel like a part of the group. He said, “I’m sorry Darma-Ra, there just isn’t any place to put you in this ashram at this time.” I was devastated. I had been there for over a year and still they had no place for me, just like my military service; they had no job for me either, then I was discharged. Morningland had plenty of places for new people coming in though. I hated Kamazi 1 for lying to me like that. Many other disciples stopped talking to me altogether. I was on permanent upset at this point. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AROUND HERE? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?”

One Sunday night between March & August, 1983, Sri Donato said, “You had all better get ready for big changes coming to this Ashram. It’s going to start snowballing around here and if you are in the way, you’ll get plowed under.” Going to classes had become intolerable. During that time I had been removed from APOLLO 5, my original ‘thought grouping.’ I had also been removed from Harijan, and then finally from Posidio. Next they cut back all of my classes (not allowing me to attend any except for a beginning Oneness class which I had already been through before I became a disciple). Very degrading. Then came September 5, 1983; the day I was finally placed on Sabbatical.

Kamazi 1 brought me into Alpha and said he was placing me on a one year sabbatical. He then told me not to speak to any active disciples; or talk to any other disciples outside the temple who were on Sabbatical; do not tell anyone about Morningland, and don’t send anyone here! He took my medallion, told me I would return to a level below what I am now. Then he said to write a letter in one year and “We shall see”, smiled, ushered me out the door of the ashram to the street and pulled the door shut. Here I was, standing on the sidewalk, looking down both directions of 7th Street, not knowing where to go or what to do even though I lived only a block away. I felt ripped to shreds. Why had they done this to me? I loved those people. How could they do this? They just threw me away like garbage with no reason given.

I had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the military, but I didn’t know about it and therefore I couldn’t tell Sri that I had a problem that needed healing. It wasn’t called PTSD back in 1973. I had it then, and got another big dose of it again when I was dumped out of Morningland. All they did was make an existing problem worse. Wasn’t Sri Donato the CHRIST? We had been told that Donato was living inside of her and that’s why her name was changed from Sri Patricia to Sri Donato. Since she was supposed to be the SEE ALL–KNOW ALL BEING on the entire planet, how come she didn’t know about my existing PTSD condition? Do I think that Sri Donato is the Christ? NO WAY! She is not that intelligent. I think that she is someone who has stepped into a pile of… Such is the life of a megalomaniac. So, …guess what folks, — SUCKER!

At this point, I absolutely must make a definite stand. I want it to be understood that I DO NOT hold malice against Sri Donato, Kamazi 1, or anyone else in Morningland. so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE hear what I’m saying here. She gave me food when I was hungry, she gave me valuable knowledge when my mind was starving to death, she gave me love when I needed it, even if it was an act, it helped me through difficulties just seeing her. I will always love her because of that. I have to wipe my eyes, this story is so bitter tasting to my emotions right now. This is a painful thing to write about but it must be done so that I can rebuild my circuitry with this stuff out of the way. I expect that there will be some of us who will react to this short note and slam me for speaking out. That’s fine; get it out of your system so you can move on. I am available on the NET if anyone wants to send me e-mail.

There were a lot of good things that happened with me and I did experience tremendous growth, which by the way has continued, however, they dished out PAIN like it was the main course at a banquet. I was not to be a part of their insidious agenda of mind control and unwarranted manipulations. THANK GOD!! I consider it a stepping stone to something much greater, because bottom line, in reality Morningland is a failure to humanity. Sri Donato is responsible for wrecking people’s lives and Donato’s original dream; and has a huge Karmic debt to pay. And what about the frequencies in my ears? I still hear them. I’m sure Upstairs is guiding me to my next adventure, only now they communicate with me directly, not through someone else. I’ve chosen to move on and I have become SMARTER, FASTER……….



In Eternal Love and Light,