Sri’s “Jesus Trilogy” Re-examined

By Ishvara Das / Al

I recently had the opportunity to go through two of the three volume set of books entitled “Jesus” written by Sri Donato. (Volumes II and III)

When I reread her visions/writings from my present perspective, I couldn’t shake the sense that much of the history presented in these books were her own projections and/or the party line of the Morningland of the early 1980s.

Projection is essentially what makes us see our mother in an inkblot test. We’re naturally going to organize chaos into patterns that are more familiar to us, and in many cases, we will project our own values on to the world around us.

Reading the story of Jesus as more of a diary of victimization on the part of Patricia is, I believe, an important window into her own perceptions of herself and Morningland. She too would argue that “the movie was playing over again” suggesting that her obstacles were shared by Jesus in his day. I would argue that the vast majority of these books are more diaries of her own issues than any insight into the life of Jesus.

Sri provides no citations to scholarly biblical sources. of course such academic discourse is not part of the culture of a visionary who speaks The Truth that is beyond reproach or question.

This actually makes it much easier to read these books as indicative of Sri’s own perceptions rather than any insight into the life of Jesus.


What are Jews for? To give the Nazis something to do.

When your own people do not accept you, there is a big debt that must be paid by those people who do not back you. The Karma the Jewish nation paid for murdering Jesus was their own extermination in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, two thousand years later. The atrocities committed against the Jews in Nazi Germany were EQUAL in intensity and force to the atrocities committed against Jesus.

The Jews wouldn’t accept their King. Their own King, and they wouldn’t accept him. A KING, not a Prince, A KING. So, Hitler forced them to wear their emblem the way Jesus wore one over his cross. “THE KING OF THE JEWS. JESUS THE CHRIST.” So Hitler had them wear their yellow emblem — their cross — which said in essence “I REJECTED MY KING THAT COULD HAVE SAVED ME. I AM NOW THE SLAVE OF LUCIFER.‘” From Jesus part III, page 313

This vision was further developed in Morningland classes. The premise was that two-thirds of the world’s Jewish population was exterminated by the Nazis. As such, two-thirds of Americans would be killed in the Armageddon that will be visited upon us for not backing the second coming (or according to Morningland dogma, the 10th and final coming) of the Christ, in particular, Donato the Christ.

Of course, this is the same thinking that allows religious leaders to say that hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans as a response to this city’s liberal attitude toward homosexuality. This is the same thinking that says AIDS is God’s way of punishing gay men. Oh, and let’s not forget the statement that “God sent Adolf Hitler to help Jews reach the promised land” made by pastor John Hagee. And how about the (now deceased) Reverend Jerry Falwell who said that global warming is “Satan’s attempt to redirect the church’s primary focus” from evangelism to environmentalism.

These are the few that come to mind, there are many many others.

I’m not crazy!, you’re insane!

When someone really leans on a defense, you gotta wonder after a while, what are they really trying to say?

Sri felt that people took her moodiness as indicative of an emotional or mental pathology. When applied to Jesus in these books (or Sri in modern times) the term “crazy” was applied to her, while “insane” was applied to her observations of the world around her. At least she was somewhat consistent in her term choices.

The italics in the following quote denote the Apostles’ statements.

The Apostles would argue among themselves. […] Well, you know, I was in the synagogue the day he stormed in. I mean, he was a MADMAN storming in ! And he’s screaming and yelling about these pigeons being sold.From Jesus part II, page 17

Some of the people may have liked Jesus. They may have listened. But what he was saying did not make sense to them. He had to fight with their thoughts that he was crazy. […] They plotted to overthrow him because he was “too crazy” to carry on.From Jesus part II, page 234

Without the backing of the Apostles, he was destroyed. They were to be liked better than him. His Mind frightened the people because he was so desperate to get them Home to the Father.From Jesus part II, page 119

The people would have liked him [Jesus] much better if the Apostles had liked him. If your main group is concerned with what you are saying and going to do, the people will think you are crazy.From Jesus part II, page 122

Suggestion: stop being crazy.


There’s nothing more telling about a person than the insistence that everybody is jealous of them. It really provides some insight into their own processes. I have yet to meet any truly respectable authority on any subject that walks around all day describing their frustrations with the jealousy all around them.

In the following excerpt it is presumed that the use of italics suggest these were the internal thoughts of the disciples.

But nobody would listen to John and they weren’t interested in his visions because they were jealous of him. They were jealous of him because he was the closest to the Avesha process. He would have been head of and top organizer of the disciples and the direct successor to Jesus. “But then what would he know? He was a space case. He was as crazy as Jesus. He was into visions all the time. A mystic, a visionary mystic . . . what do they know? What practical sense do they have? He doesn’t have any practical business sense, and after all, this is also going to be a big business. After all, Jesus had told them it would be a whole Kingdom they were building. And since Peter had been in charge of the foundation and had been given the main keys to business and to organizing the ground floor . . . why, after all, it should be Peter that’s in charge!” From Jesus part II, page 24

I’m not going to address the use of “Avesha” (a Sanskrit term describing a Hindu concept) applied to a group of Jews as this would open a whole can of worms that would require criticisms of just about every page of this book. However, Morningland culture does weave itself into many of the words and thoughts attributed to Jesus such as the use of the term “visionary mystic”. If memory serves, at best, Jesus was considered locally a teacher or “rabbi”. Only Sri adopted the “visionary mystic” title, but by giving Jesus this title, by reflexive extension, she must be a Christ too.

So, let’s make a few changes to the above paragraph to see how this would look from the perspective that Sri was only really writing about herself:

But nobody would listen to Sri Patricia and they weren’t interested in her visions because they were jealous of her. They were jealous of her because she was the closest to the Avesha process. She would have been head of and top organizer of the disciples and the direct successor to Donato. “But then what would she know? She was a space case. She was as crazy. She was into visions all the time. A mystic, a visionary mystic . . . what do they know? What practical sense do they have? She doesn’t have any practical business sense, and after all, this is also going to be a big business. After all, Donato had told them it would be a whole corporation they were building. And since Morningstarr had been in charge of the foundation and had been given the main keys to business and to organizing the ground floor . . . why, after all, it should be Morningstarr that’s in charge!”

Here’s more jealousy:

Your own who are being developed are the most dangerous. They are the ones who will mutiny, usurp, and try to take over. They will begin to feel they are as developed as you, or even know more than you. When this happens, you’ve got a spiritual war on your hands.From Jesus part II, page 123

Power struggles are as old as, well, they predate the appearance of our species. Not so clear on how that makes it spiritual, though.

Next, a little bit that talks about outcome measurements in the spiritual education business.

The mark of a good teacher is that his student is doing what he is taught even better than the teacher does it. This is what Jesus meant when he said, “Everything that you see me doing — teachings, giving, healing, all the readings, the Sciences, all that you see me doing — if you like what you see me doing, you can do it too, and do it better than I.” AND HE MEANT THAT. The main failure of the Apostles was that they did not accept their positions.From Jesus part II, page 155

How strange is that? First Sri is bugged that the disciples think they know more than she, and then puts Donato’s words into Jesus’ mouth explaining that someday (but obviously not today) they’ll be able to do everything better (but not know more.)

To the world, it appears that to be a Visionary, to see the future, is a great thing. That it is something to be quested after.

In reality, to see the future is a bitter, bitter cup.

Because no one will believe you. And those who do believe you will hate you for what you see and be jealous of you. They will tell others you are crazy for what you see and they will stand against you and not support you even though IT IS WHAT YOU SEE, because it is beyond what they see. They SAY they want to see what you see, and they can’t, so they’re jealous and there is anger.From Jesus part II, page 227

Does vision make you paranoid too, or was that there before the visions began?

This really reads like it was written by a very petty person.

But nobody would listen to John and they weren’t interested in his visions because they were jealous of him. They were jealous of him because he was the closest to the Avesha process.From Jesus part II, page 24

The Apostles were jealous of John.From Jesus part II, page 25

John started to grow by leaps and bounds. Judas got very jealous of John, John was talking too much of Jesus’ personal time!From Jesus part II, page 35

Judas loved Jesus only as a personal being — a dynamic, handsome, wise man. He loved him as a man and never saw him as the Father. This type of love always turns to hate. The formula for this is: Love = Possession = Jealousy = Anger = HateFrom Jesus part II, page 50

Jesus continued in his training of the women in much the same way that he had trained the Apostles. The men grew very jealous of him. They turned on him. […] Not only was he training women now, BUT THESE WOMEN WERE NOT THE APOSTLES’ WIVES! The wives had other work. They became extremely jealous.From Jesus part II, page 99

The Apostles resented the women, especially because Jesus hadn’t chosen their wives in the women’s ministry. They also felt that Jesus would put his own sisters into high positions in Sanandas. There were too many jealousies, too many problems.From Jesus part II, page 100

The wives were very upset with Jesus for putting “this low woman” into this high position. This is the man their husbands are hanging out with? They weren’t top Sanandas. There were bitter jealousies, as always, and the beat goes on.From Jesus part II, page 102


Jealousy is not a property of the Christ Mind. It is, in fact, the creation of the Enemy of the Christ — The Prince of Darkness, Lucifer. Their games, their jealousies were the manifestation of Lucifer and THESE ARE THE WEAPONS THAT LUCIFER SUCCESSFULLY USED TO BRUTALLY MUTILATE AND MURDER JESUS, to destroy the Kingdom, and ERADICATE the Father’s Plan from this planet.From Jesus part II, page 104

Yes, they [the Apostles] had personal jealousies. Then they would team up against one another. Jesus would try to team them up the right way because he needed them to work together.From Jesus part II, page 105

Jesus was throwing them [the doctors] off from their regular way of thinking no matter where he went. He was making people very jealous of him all along the way.From Jesus part II, page 306

Jesus was an unpopular person simply because he was a visionary. He was considered mad and insane because he would go out and stir up the people. He was charged with misguiding the people — with being a charlatan and a con man. He offered spiritual guidance and counseling.

The rabbis would say, “Who are you? Are you a rabbi? Where did you study? What gives you the right?” What they were really saying was that they were jealous of him.From Jesus part III, page 176

They all hate me.” Me, me me!

Like the topics on jealousy and being crazy, the level of emotional intelligence evident in Sri’s assessment of the hatred of people around her really smacks of immaturity and paranoia.

BUT THEY DON’T WANT TO SEE JESUS BACK because THEY HATE HIS GUTS because they feel that when he does come back, it’s going to be the end of THEIR planet!From Jesus part III, page 41

The people hate Jesus. You hate him. Absolutely hate him for all this pain and guilt and Christian dogmas, Christian creeds, Christian canons, and Christian rituals that you can’t understand. You don’t even know what you’re hating. Whenever Jesus or Christianity is mentioned, you can BET that you are dealing with guilt upon guilt upon guilt.

The people hate Jesus because he IS the SOURCE OF ALL GUILT.From Jesus part III, pg 54

The more Jesus taught and the more that he realized that he was not getting through to them, then the more he began to be much more blatant in his teaching methods. Gradually it built up to the point where more hated him than loved him.From Jesus part III, page 142

I’m not political, it was everybody else!

The political issues that Jesus went through seem to be mirrored rather particularly to the problems that arose during Morningland’s fling in the political world prior to the closing down of the Escondido temple.

Here, we see Sri’s thinly veiled defense basically blaming someone else for any political or financial indiscretion on the part of Morningland.

Matthew was a politically motivated person. He was constantly trying to mingle Jesus in with politicians and to convince him that spending the money that he was gathering to build a temple for political favors would be most advisable. Jesus fought Matthew over and over again. He said, “WE ARE NOT POLITICAL. WE ARE SPIRITUAL. POLITICS AND SPIRITUALITY DO NOT MIX!”

Because of Matthew’s insistence on his own way of thinking, he created a reputation for Jesus based on falsity. Matthew was angry because Jesus took him off bookkeeping and put Judas on.

Jesus then put Matthew on the written books. Matthew didn’t like following Jesus around and writing the teachings down. He edited everything.” From Jesus part II, page 76

“He edited everything” in the above context means that he would not write down Jesus’ words exactly as spoken. These books that Sri wrote have clearly not been edited. That’s the beauty of them, they’re so clearly Patricia.

For the record, when you see a great number of references to let’s say “Bribery Charges” it isn’t that there were that many charges, but perhaps one, which was quoted by every successive news account on the topic. Hence, it looks like there’s this terrible paper trail of deceit, but in fact the single bribery charge was dropped. Not sure about the other charges, but I don’t honestly give these things too much weight. I’d rather readers focus on how the culture of Morningland prevents questioning the authority of a very paranoid leadership.

Subtle prejudices, unsexy foreigners?

One of the tricky parts of extricating unexamined opinions picked up at Morningland is being especially conscious of those prejudicial beliefs that Sri held and freely got in to the disciples. Here for your reading pleasure are two such prejudices in black and white for all to see.

Try walking into a Catholic church and asking to see the Monsignor. You are talked to through a grill on the door. A little grill opens up that looks like something out of Count Dracula’s house. And some stodgy, mildewed cleaning woman that would never turn any man on says, “Yes, who are you?” From Jesus part III, pg 43

I wonder why the cleaning lady is expected to be sexy. Strange.

Of ten people receiving a Healing for leprosy, only one — and a foreigner at that — returned to the Master to thank him.From Jesus part II, p. 311

And the foreigner wasn’t very sexy either!

Sri’s projections, too obvious to ignore

Jesus always presented the Apostles to the people when he went out to speak. […] The Apostles worked right with him. They switched back and forth in reading a person. They always hit the mark dead-on. […] At first, they couldn’t hold an audience. Jesus taught them, “Trust. You’ll know what to say.” From Jesus part II, page 114

I’m sorry, but this isn’t even close. OBVIOUSLY Sri is talking about Donato and the Gopis here. At no point in my admittedly scanty biblical scholarship, do I recall Jesus offering up readings to people. There were stories, parables, teachings… but readings? Sri doesn’t describe what tool they were using, probably a part of her brain that remained in the moment understood that articulating that Jesus stood before the huddled Jewish masses with an astrology chart was a bit of a stretch.

Jesus was raising large donations. He was raising funds because there wasn’t a physical temple for the people to come to. There was one building that he was close to getting. it was a synagogue. It was going to be abandoned for a new one that was being built. Jesus was working very, very hard to get enough funds to purchase it. He never did get his Temple. He was murdered first.From Jesus part III, PG. 109

… murdered by high cholesterol secondary to a high caloric (probably Italian) diet, atherosclerosis, smoking, and finally heart disease. Of course they did finally purchase the former Jewish synagogue at the corner of 7th and Molino in Long Beach, presumably after Donato had passed on.

The heterosexual Apostles — who were married — did not do any better than Judas. Their crimes were ADULTERY. Two especially had the hots for the women. They put their wives aside to run off with other disciple’s wives in the end. but they only did that AFTER JESUS WAS DEAD AND GONE. Until then, they played it all in their minds.From Jesus part III, page 129

I’m guessing that this has to do with some of the disciples who left Escondido. I really don’t know for sure who this is pointing to.

So Jesus became the victim of charges of orgyism. The Apostles and their wives were highly suspicious because he was now associating with all the women, he was close to all the women.From Jesus part III, page 88

And the charges just keep on cumming [1,2,3].

These are the charges lodged against the Master Jesus the Christ by Church and State: TREASON, INCITING TO REVOLUTION, GRAND THEFT [11,12], BRIBERY [6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,19,22,23], MISAPPROPRIATION OF FUNDS [4,5,7,8,9,10,11,22], EXTORTION [6], WRONGFUL DEATH [4,5,6,18], ILLICIT SEXUAL ACTIVITY [15,18], HOMOSEXUALITY [15,18,23], BRAIN WASHING [16], MIND CONTROL [1,2,4,13,16,18], HYPNOTISM, DRUG ABUSE [6,18], BLASPHEMY, FALSE TEACHINGS, BLACK MAGIC, KIDNAPPING [1,5,6,22]

So the numbered references above point to newspaper articles that describe exactly these charges.

I hope it is becoming clear by now that the Jesus Trilogy was really about Sri.

The Franciscan who can’t be found

One Catholic, Father Roberto Capernio, belonged to an order of Franciscan monks. He had gotten to the point that when he went in to pray or say Mass, a problem would occur. He would go right into a state of Samadhi and would levitate right up. That brought the Church down on him. Charges were filed. What was he, demonic?From Jesus part III, pg 75

No Franciscan by the name of Capernio has been located in any of the online search engines (msn.com, yahoo.com, google.com). Doesn’t mean that Sri wasn’t correct with her story, but this is among the very few statements that appear in her books that we can actually fact-check. Nothing on this one was found.

Healing As It Is, not as it was

The mind of Christ healed thousands upon thousands of people suffering from: CIRCULATORY PROBLEMS, HEART DISEASE, DRUG ADDICTION, HORMONAL IMBALANCES, HYPERTENSIONFrom Jesus part II, page 279

These are all diagnoses that didn’t exist until more recently. Blood circulation for instance wasn’t even conceived of until the year 1628. Perhaps drug addiction was identified way back when.


I don’t believe that there was a government department of consumer affairs giving out licenses at the time. Pretty sure that wasn’t the case. [Source]

Jesus tried very hard to teach the doctors the metaphysics and the way it is done. He tried to show them new, more evolved medical techniques to help the people. He wanted to cooperate and work with the doctors. They wouldn’t listen to him because he was a threat to them. Jesus knew more than they did and they became jealous. What right did he have? He was not one of them. […] He was making people very jealous of him all along the way. He wanted to work with the physicians. They could do the part they did physically to help a person, and Jesus could do his part from inside. […] There were qualified physicians and he did not come under that qualification, so he was charged with practicing medicine without a license. […] The physicians saw him as practicing without the proper medical degrees and licenses.From Jesus part II, page 306

As it turns out, what Jesus did (healing touch, prayer, etc.) was much closer to the medicine of the day than the medicine we conceive of in modern times. So, my point on this is that Sri is clearly working under the concept of physician from the 20th century. In his day, there were only the priests and a few spell-makers, not at all the physician we think of today, and certainly no degrees or licenses. [Source]

The Master Jesus the Christ practiced the real laying on of hands. He did not even have to touch, but in that day and age, there were no laws forbidding it like there are today. Jesus was actually able to work with the people more. He would put his fingers in the ears of the man with the speech impediment and touch his tongue.From Jesus part II, page 313

This statement is plausible (Jesus putting fingers into ears or mouth), however the scope of practice laws for physicians do not forbid sticking fingers into ears or touching the tongue. Certainly doesn’t apply to dentists!

“Great Healers,” who are not bona fide and not representative of the Father and who are into glamorous ego trips get a following. They say, “God is moving through me…” As long as it’s “God,” the people believe that that healer is a holy person and they will give the healer the credit. False healers get tremendous followings! And they take the credit for themselves.From Jesus part II, page 323

But just a few pages prior, Sri laments how little credit Jesus gets for his healings:

Of ten people receiving a Healing for leprosy, only one — and a foreigner at that — returned to the Master to thank him. What happened to the other nine who also received the same Healing? If you had just been Healed by the Christ, would you want to be sure that you acknowledged the Source of that Healing and give credit where credit is due?From Jesus part II, page 311

Why don’t your doctors give it freely as the Holy Father does, since they claim to be real healers? You can not charge for healing. That is against universal law. You can ask for a donationFrom Jesus part II, page 333

…you can ask for a donation… because that is not against tax law.

Also, doctors don’t give it freely because of the costs of their education, malpractice insurance, office overhead, etc. I don’t really want to defend anybody’s business model here, but Sri’s statements are just naive.

But the problem is, the doctors didn’t go for any of this stuff. They didn’t believe what they were seeing. “It’s undocumented. Unscientific. We don’t see any proof that this really happened! We diagnosed incorrectly in the first place — you are one in a million, THERE’S NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF!” From Jesus part II, page 336

Science and diagnostic procedures didn’t really take off until the second half of the 19th century. ‘Nuff said about that one.

The proof is all these people walking around. LOOK AT THEM! They’re living, breathing testimonies that HEALING IS REAL! THE MEDICAL PROFESSION’S SKEPTICISM IS TOTALLY INSANE!From Jesus part II, page 337

I’m actually quite sympathetic to Sri’s frustration with the medical profession. The so-called “empirical observations” that Sri is describing here is in fact scientific proof. Science likes empirical observations. However, what is off-base is Sri’s projection of her 20th century frustrations on to the life of Jesus.

Revelations and Kurukshetra visionaries have all the fun.

Where did they [the other apostles] lose it completely with John? RIGHT AFTER THE ASCENSION!

Because now, vision has been released to John. He is shown the future. He is shown the Seals. All those visions on the Seven Seals of the BOOK OF REVELATION happened right after the Ascension. The full vision lasted for three days.From Jesus part II, page 83

Again, this is Sri’s life that she’s describing. The so-called Battle of Kurukshetra began immediately following Donato’s funeral and lasted, you guessed it, three days. You can read more about The Battle of Kurukshetra here.

Intelligence increase dispels all fear

The only ones that are in the churches are those that are too afraid to leave. The priesthood makes them too afraid to leave for fear of losing their Immortal Soul.From Jesus part III, page 38

The truth of the matter is that the Priesthood was responsible for using the religion to hold the people in bondage. A Jew couldn’t do anything without worrying if it (sic) wasn’t breaking some religious rule or another. That is a mind imprisoned, a mind controlled.From Jesus part III, page 144

I’m having difficulty understanding how anybody could remain at Morningland and NOT live in fear of [ fill in Morningland horror vision d’jour ].

Whether it is the gopis who’ll “walk the astral planes for 10,000 years” or the more scientifically based “devolve into a quark particle” presented to the Chelas, there’s no shortage of creative hells generated by Sri.

The emperor’s new manifestation, only the evolved can see!

The Master Jesus the Christ was into very advanced levels of Manifestation. No one could comprehend how advanced he was. He had been initiated into the Seventh Level of Manifestation and was working and being trained in a Ninth Level of Manifestation. […] In reality, what was occurring MOST of the time was beyond what the people could see and comprehend.From Jesus part II, page 171

Um. That manifestation that was beyond what most people could see and comprehend, was that like new clothes for the emperor or anything?

Sri often talks about what is presented as far beyond the comprehension of us mere mortals. Only those who are visionary like she can understand what she’s laying down. Believing that, who would ever want to admit that they hadn’t a clue as to what she was talking about? As it turns out, the emperor is naked.

By the way, whatever happened to the eighth level of manifestation?

Jesus’ instructions to the Apostles, you should know this if in the one mind

  • Stay close to the Master
  • Report all activities to the Master daily.
  • Work in Oneness with each other. Follow the basic teachings: Love one another as I have loved you.
  • Be honest with each other — don’t hold thoughts.
  • Keep your physical relationship with your wife, and often!
  • Forget the personal. Stay in telepathy. You can’t be in the personal and be in telepathy. You’re one place or the other.From Jesus part II, page 111

I just can’t imagine Jesus using a term “telepathy”. The term was coined in 1882 by the classical scholar Fredric W. H. Myers, a founder of the Society for Psychical Research. [Source]

This was held out as such a powerful, magical, and necessary reflection of personal development in Morningland, it isn’t surprising to me that Sri would suggest that Jesus wanted the same thing.

Report all activities to the master? Isn’t that redundant if The Master is telepathic? Just saying.