2023 – Survivor claims sexual abuse in Morningland

The events took place in Morningland, Long Beach, CA, in the 1980s. The following paragraphs are from the original article posted in Signal Tribune.

After decades of silence, a woman is sharing her story of growing up in Morningland, an alleged cult based in Long Beach, and accusing its leaders, some of whom are still in power, of sexually abusing her as a teen.”

By the time they were 16, Tease said that she and her sister were “fully submerged” into Morningland, spending all day at the compound, often not being able to leave until well after midnight. Her mother had been asked to do the same, but told clergy she had to continue working to provide for her children. Unbeknownst to their mother, Morningland leaders had pulled the girls out of high school.”

When they were 14 years old, Tease and her twin sister were initiated into a Morningland order called the Daughters of Isis. Tease told the Signal Tribune that this was when Morningland clergy began to instruct the twin girls to watch pornography, grooming them for sexual abuse. ….Tease claims that Patricia would order the twins to have sexual relations with her, as well as with other high-ranking clergy members.”

In the video below, Frankie Tease shares her experiences in Morningland. (Trigger Warning for sexual and trauma-related content)