Pathena: A Letter to Donato’s Gopis

My Dear Sister Gopis….

It is late at night – a hot night in July – and my thoughts and feelings are circling around my memories of you – my sisters. How are you? What have you been doing for the last 20 years? Have you noticed changes in your lives in the last year or so that seem to indicate some sort of cycle is completing? Are you at peace? Have your lives worked out ok? Do you miss us? Do you want to find me as I’ve wanted to find you? Are you searching?

Coming forward with my own story has been deeply healing for me. It has unlocked hidden chambers of confinement that I had only guessed existed within me. I hope that when you read the posts of how this web page and the mailing list, and later the Gathering came to be, you will understand the subtle energetics and be able to take some small thing out of my experience that can help your own healing. That is my hope – that if you need freedom, help, healing or simple friendship at this point in your lives, that you will find a safe harbor and loving others to help you – that is what I have found here – that is what we are building together. Come join us. We miss you. We want to share with you the pieces of your picture that we hold – and to have you do the same with us. Each one of us holds a portion of the past, and yours is dearly missed in the puzzle we are working on together.

I dream about you all regularly – we are always again together in some endeavor, talking away – working away – and frequently back in some venue that appears to be Morningland. I often dream of Donato in a variety of capacities – from mute observer to active participant and returnee. I have had contact with a few of us, but still seek the rest – including those who were made gopis after the eviction of the first circle, (those of us made Gopis by Donato).

My pursuit of the ‘forbidden’ contact with other ex-disciples has been a wonderful healing journey that I would like to share with you. There is a group of individuals in communication now, who are strong enough to hold a safe space in which to work out any of the energetic bonds that may still encumber you. Please come and join us. There is nothing to fear.

I took a stand and a shot – blindly. It paid off. I stood in the public in my underwear and, surprisingly, the public did not ridicule me. You may or may not understand – depending on how intricately you have built structures to support your Morningland experience. I was there with you. There is probably not a Morningland place inside that you can go that I have not been as well. Peeling away the layers of pain and reclaiming your own power is my hope and desire for each of you. We never should have been disempowered by our spiritual experiences, but we were. That which was twisted can be straightened. No one can help us like we can help each other. There were many disciples who followed us who suffered energetic damage on levels just as deep as we did. Perhaps not in the same form – and then, for some – in exactly the same form. If you would like to dialog together – even privately, I invite you to do so with open heart and arms. We are in communication now with over 70 ex-Morninglander’s and the list is growing daily. Please come join us however you feel comfortable – and even if you don’t feel comfortable – take a shot… it just might pay off.

If you choose to have no contact, I’d like to thank you for your contribution to the experiences of my life, and to wish you well and Safe Journey on the continuing creation of your life’s dream.

Love from the Inner Circle of my Heart,


Dorie (Pathena)


July, 1998