Pathena / Dorie: Past Pains and Future Gains

Come here young lads and sit a spell, a tale I have to weave
Of golden nights and silver days and twisted memories

The power to perceive the truth is born within each man
The gift of sight must be a fight we crave to understand

No one’s to blame for failure, no one deceived your soul
You’ve always had the power, though to use it was your goal

How else could you discover this amazing awesome gift
Unless some foul events transpired in stark, explicit rifts

Your inner trust is such a precious gift no one can steal
You’re born with this concealed so well within what will be healed

You chose to trust a vision of someone who wasn’t real
And through the outcome of that choice a new strength is revealed

Reality is founded on the shifting sands of time
What once was fuel for dreams now seems to be a waste sublime

However I would caution that uncovering the gem
Requires deep reflection of the processes within

For therein lies the nugget of your power to engage
With life again so zestfully, with passion fully raised

Your lodestone is your path of heart no matter how it bends
You know when you are on it and if off, get on again

I tell you as an old man looking back upon his frames
The demons were my greatest teachers, allies, friends insane

Had I the courage to accept my part in life’s refrain
It would have shown me strengths in stark contrast against the pain

And so its true for every man who seeks to place the blame
He never finds the reas’n or power that lies in his domain

And so I thank my demons, tyrants, lunatics and liars
Because without them I would not know how to stand the fire

What I have fought to understand, no one can rip away
And here I stand forged in the steel and fire of life’s decay

We never know the measure of the days we have to live
So each becomes a precious gift requiring us to give

Teach what you’ve learned and open up the door to learning more
Forgive the demons and you’ll know what bounty lies in store.