Pathena / Dorie: Secrets of the Inner Circle

There were many levels of discipleship in Morningland. The most coveted and the most demanding were those that took the disciple into various inner circles. Apparently, there were different circles at different times – all kept in deep secrecy. These involved disciples who were the most trusted by Sri and Donato, and these are the disciples who saw things and knew things that could ultimately damage Morningland’s image or worse. For this reason, Sri and Donato made sure that anyone privy to these activities would keep their mouth shut. Many to this day are still living in fear of exposing the truth, or defending a twisted reasoning that makes them feel loyal in their silent suffering. We are reaching out to you. You are not alone.

You were given orders to remain silent. You accepted these conditions -took sacred vows- under pain of spiritual death. You believed in the loving intent of the spiritually enlightened masters you were serving and following on your path to ascension. You were taught that not following your orders could lead to “denying the master.” You learned to bend your perception to accept things that were counter to your own ideas – to sacrifice your discretion and your skepticism in the devoted blind faith of the aspirant.

It was very important to follow your orders, otherwise you could really screw up and spend eternity on the astral planes, (Donato’s favorite line to keep the Gopis in line) or de-evolving lifetime after lifetime into a sub-atomic particle known as a quark, (Sri’s favorite spiritual threat). With thoughts such as these firmly tucked into our psyches, it became very easy to remain silent with our secrets.

For this reason, it may be difficult to talk about your experiences in the inner circles. But you are not alone. There are quite a few people associated with Ex-Morninglanders.com who are ready, willing and able to help you. Together we can sort out the guilt, confusion, pain, and fear that still imprison you today – if you are ready or wish to be free from those bindings on your spirit. We would like to help you to re-empower yourself with the life energy that was stolen from you so long ago. Knowing you are not alone may be the single most important realization you can make. You have the power to remove the gag that has kept you in silent suffering, and to connect again with brothers and sisters who shared your experience. Those to whom you were once told not to speak, (the old divide and conquer strategy,) stand once again in open communication and united intent for healing. We are no longer divided, imprisoned or silent.

We care about you and would like to help in your healing process. Please contact us if you would like some assistance in moving past the barriers of the past and regaining the parts of you that were left behind, held hostage in your sacred quest for spiritual enlightenment.