Pathena: Healing Journey After

Greetings Fellow ex-Morninglanders

After my eviction from Morningland, I went through a spiritually devastating period. I have, like many of you, been through the dark night of the soul it has taken me almost 21 years to resolve with some understanding and heal from the devastation of my spiritual crisis. One of my goals, now, is to offer outreach to the ex-Morninglanders like myself. Timing is everything in this Universe.. seems as though the time is right for some action.

By way of information on myself, I was fortunate to have married another ex-Morninglander, Choran, and we have been together these 20-some years. We settled in the Pacific Northwest, are raising a family and have helped each other (along with a few other ex-disciple friends,) wade through the miasma of experiences we each had in Morningland – the good, the bad and the ugly. Then, a few years ago, with the purchase of our first computer, some incredible changes started to occur.

First of all, by way of a shareware astrology program, I discovered that my astrological knowledge – which I had been told would disappear if I ever left Morningland – was, amazingly, still intact. Via the amazing internet, I was able to meet and work with some incredible souls who helped me discover the answers to the questions I carried for so long, and to repair the damage done to my Spirit. This Path has wound through esoteric studies, Wiccan/pagan learning, Qabalah, healing and astrology, and most importantly, through my studies in Shamanism. It is only now that I feel ready to take some action. I am hoping to facilitate a Gathering this winter, (1997/98.) I have a handful of ML friends who have remained in contact over the years, but there are several more I truly have missed and hope to contact. Let the healing journey continue. May I be of service in whatever capacity Spirit requires. Love and Light,

Dorie (Morningland name: Pathena – 1973-78)