Pathena: Healing-Training

Ok, Healing training! Multiple requests! What was my healing training? I’m afraid what I have to tell you is not going to be very much. Healing training, for me, consisted mainly of being told to just go out there, put your hands out over the person’s head and call in Donato. Nuttin to it, honey…. Aside from some massage/energy sensitivity training with Donato directly – there really was no formal training that I can recall.

While doing the Sunday healing services, sometimes I would feel in my own body, what a person’s problem was. Sometimes I would feel energy moving in the person’s field. Many times I worked on visualization techniques of the kundalini raising, crud in the energy field being moved out, pain relief in specific areas, or just generally directing an infusion of energy in to a person’s aura. Most of the healing work I did at that time was in the pre-Sunday Service time when the chairs were set up on the altar and we just stood up there as people came up.

Most of the time, if a healing was not successful, it was understood that the person was blocking or resisting the healing. Now, I don’t totally disagree with this as an explanation for illness or dis-ease. Aside from genetic predispositions and accidents, I lean toward the belief that we do create illness in our body as a result of different factors in our lives – unreleased grief, suffering, self-destructive patterns, etc. Our bodies are the energetic repositories of our life experience and do tend to reflect our thought processes in form. (Thought/word/deed.) What have we manifested after a lifetime of destructive thinking, for instance? If we expect to have heart trouble because everyone in our family has, how much of a part does that play in our body developing that at some point? I think a large part, myself.

As we think, so it is. If we can truly grasp the concept of being the creators of our lives and realities, then we also have to accept responsibility for what we have created. We also have the ability to continue creating in every moment – and to create change at any point.

If we don’t believe we can heal ourselves – we won’t… end of discussion. If we do believe that healing is possible, then it is. Or certainly seems to be for most anyway.

I agree with some of the statements that healing hinges upon a mental maneuver – because the Will has to override the Mind, to allow energy to move. Now, whether this energy is perceived as coming from some outside source or an inner one – there is NO doubt that healings take place. I stand by my belief that to be Human is to be a Healer. We just forget how – or need to reconnect to that potential in some way. I have done a lot of healing studies in recent years, in different systems. Some of the healing systems I’ve studied are: Shamanic, Reiki, Sound, Regenesis, Melchezidek, Arturian, etc. I also perceive astrology, tarot, I Ching, Qabalah and all the metaphysical sciences as being basic healing tools by their very nature. When we speak about healing – we are talking about a broad range of methods that teach a person to access energy and DO something with it for the good of themselves or another. I think all spiritual work is healing. And different systems, methods or pursuits may work for a time and then you move on to something else.

So, to answer your questions, I’d have to say that I’ve had far more ‘training’ in actual healing techniques and systems SINCE ML, than I ever did while there. But more practice while there – even though I was not one of the ‘healers’ per se. One of my teachers told me, and I believe it’s true, that a Healing is an energetic agreement between the person’s energy asking for the healing, and the healer. A healer is a mediator. Healing can take place on energy levels that we cannot necessarily perceive physically. It is an energetic manipulation directed by Intent and accomplished through the ability to move energy. There are many variables that affect the outcome.

What did ‘Calling In Donato’ do? Aside from what were told at the time, I believe that the mental maneuver of the ‘call’ plugged us in to an energy current that could be directed. Healing energy knows what to do – it doesn’t need to be ‘told’ by us. It does, however, need someone to facilitate it’s actualization – to INTEND healing. The healthiest application of that energy involves a measurable degree of detachment from outcome. Wouldn’t it be an incredible world if we could ALL do this whenever needed? Why do we think that is not possible?

I think the subject of healing is a vast one that we could explore in depth from many angles. Understanding that our opinions of today are subject to the evolutionary changes of tomorrow – this is a journey that we can take together, if we so choose. That is the purpose of both this list and the Gathering, after all… Healing – in whatever ways are needed and through whatever vehicles we can manifest. What will the ripple effects be? Who knows…. Looking forward to that discovery…