Pathena: Message from Donato

A list member wrote: “I also struggle with the legitimacy of Donato. There have been times I considered consulting a psychic and asking if they know of him..pretty silly huh? ”

I have a story to share with you regarding this subject…..

After my expulsion from Morningland, I was in a very dark state of spiritual devastation. Although I was planning to move out of state, I first went home to my parents to stay with them for a while. It was the dark night of my soul. I had failed the Plan, the Masters, Donato, Sri – all the disciples – actually the whole world, since this was a Plan of world salvation, after all. My family had never seen me in such a state of collapse, of course – and they didn’t understand it. They were glad I was out of Morningland, but whenever they’d say anything against it, I would defend it vehemently, saying, “No, it’s not Morningland, it’s me – I failed – I couldn’t stay in the Oneness – it was my fault, not Morningland’s”. I’d cry for hours at a time, couldn’t talk to anyone, was in a state of total isolation and depression that I cannot, in words, convey.

During this period, my sister went to a psychic. A good one, (in my opinion,) Reverend Elena Farr – I’ll never forget her name although I never went to her myself. As soon as my sister sat down, the good reverend asked her if she had a sister who was in a really terrible place right now. She, surprised, said, ‘Yes’. (After all, she had a list of her own questions for the psychic and wasn’t there to hear about me… 🙂

Rev. Elena proceeded to give her this message – “Tell your sister that there is a spirit here who has a message for her. He is very emphatic that it be delivered to her. He appears as a dark haired man with blue eyes – medium build – wearing a white turtleneck shirt with a triangular shaped necklace on a chain around his neck. He says to tell your sister she did nothing wrong. Tell her she is not to blame. He says the fault lies with a woman who appears to have light blonde or gray shoulder length hair and large, bulging brown eyes who also wears a triangular shaped necklace around her neck. He very much wants this message to get to your sister.”

Well, needless to say, when she delivered this message to me I could hardly believe it. I thought she may have been making it up, but she wasn’t. It was a source of great comfort to me and eased me through that dark time a bit. As, I’m sure, you could imagine.

Where did this message come from? Doesn’t really matter to me now. It was a gift to my Spirit. And bless the soul of Elena Farr – now long departed from this planet – for delivering it to me on a dark September afternoon…..