Pathena: Opinions on Healing

In my opinion, Healings did take place in Morningland as they do to this day. One of the philosophies of my heart is that, to be human is to be a healer – we are all healers – we’ve just forgotten how. There are many different ways to heal – many different modalities or energies that can be accessed for healing. Many Paths of Study. But every breathing human on the planet can do it – every mother that’s ever laid her hand upon her child’s booboo, or anyone who’s placed a loving arm around someone in pain or grief, or prayed for a miracle to cure an ill of a loved one, or even the planet, has been working directly with healing energy.

I have studied and been initiated in several different types of healing work in recent years. I’m learning healing through my Shamanic studies, I’ve been initiated in Reiki, Healing through Sound, Distance Healing, Regeneisis energy, Melchizidek frequencies, Arcturian energy, Angelic Intervention via a Qabalistic Path, and some Wiccan-type nature energy work, and energy work through TaiChi. Healing is at the core of my work through Astrology as well. Healing simply ‘Is’.

In my opinion, Donato WAS a healer. He could access and move energy. His method for explaining how to do that was through using the mental ‘link’ to his name – by calling him in. In my opinion, that ‘plugged you in’ to a certain circuit of energy. Not his energy – our own energetic connection to the Universal energy available to everyone. There are many ways to access healing energy. Some healing takes place by a person being able to manipulate their own energy, some by accessing currents or frequencies of energy that we learn through some process of education – some are more attuned to this kind of work than others, but I believe it is an ability we all have.

I see this as ‘plugging in’ to a current, drawing off the juice and directing it – in this case via Intent – to do the task intended.

Sometimes a person may have a reluctance to actually accept the energy – there can be so many reasons why someone would block healing, for instance. Other times, it’s their own energy that rises to the trigger of the healer (like the raising of the kundalini, for instance,) and takes care of the problem for the person. Sometimes the healer can only relieve certain symptoms of an illness or disease that must run it’s course. The healer cannot be attached to the outcome of the person’s situation. The Intent is to Heal, but each person’s energy and situation are different – and the factors contributing to healing vary so widely that there can’t be a ‘one size fits all’ approach to healing. The pathologies of illness are too numerous to even try to approach as a subject.

The ‘calling-in’ of Donato, for healing, was a Christian-based method. The charismatic healers do the same thing with Jesus. What are they really doing? I think they are accessing a certain frequency or energy, via the mind-image they have of the ‘one’ who they think can plug them in. An image – to switch on a circuit. Some are successful with this method – most aren’t. There is no doubt, however, that healings occur every day on this planet, via an amazingly wide range of methodologies.

In my studies, I have been taught that there exists in our Universe, energy – some see beings – whose purpose it is to help us humans in our evolutionary process. That energy responds to our call. We have access. We just don’t realize it most of the time. We see ourselves as separate instead of ‘one with’ the same energy that everything in the Universe is made from. The ‘magic’ worlds that we cannot see with our physical eyes, exist and call to us through our Spirit, through our dreams, through our heart’s desire to move forward and to help/heal ourselves and others. We have the power to invoke this energy. This is a basic human drive and ability. Each person decides for him/herself how far that is going to manifest in their lives by how much of their own energy they devote to it as a pursuit.

I have seen some amazing healings occur in my life – both during my years at ML and since. I have recently come to a place of peace with the process by getting to a point of depersonalizing the ML experience – Donato actually taught this, in my opinion. He tried to paint a picture of the process of ‘calling him in’ as a linking up of a person to their own higher, or soul body. That’s all it was – a link. The actual energy that we accessed was not ‘him’ – and I don’t think he ever said it was. He could often see what was wrong with a person – he could access frequencies of energy that could help them – many of them, certainly not all, but healings did occur – energy was channeled – that, to me, was real. Still is. I watch it happen through other vehicles to this day. I’ve felt it through my own. One of the more memorable ‘teachings’ stated clearly that, “If you like what I do, you can do it yourself – and do it better than me.” I think that is truth. He also said that all Healers are Mediators. And that he was not doing the healings himself, but was simply a channel for the power to work through. Donato was not perfect by any means. But he was a gifted psychic and a healer, (in my opinion,) and he had a few good tricks up his sleeve. The deification of Donato was not a process he himself was comfortable with and he reigned Patricia in constantly. When he died – she was free to do what she wanted – and that’s exactly what she did. She called him a Master – he never called himself that, for instance. Yet he frequently spoke about his teachers on the inner planes showing him the way and what needed to be done…. Of course he ‘did’ accept disciples.. 🙂

Healing happens every single day – in many different ways. It was an Intent to Heal that created this group. I certainly feel that energy moving among us, and hope you do too. Healing is not confined to the physical body, of course. As we unravel some of the mysteries that have entrapped our life energy in the past, we enable healing to take place by our sharing here – at least it feels that way for me. Information and communication, opening the doors on the places that healing energy can now move. Intent drives that process.

One of the sorrowful things about the edict to ‘Contact No Other Disciples’, in my opinion, was how that would block healing from occurring between those very people most able to help each other to heal. Vicious. But, enough of that – some of you figured out that lie long before I did. 🙂 You contacted each other – you started the ML healing process. An excellent book on working with healing energy is “The Anatomy of the Spirit” by Carolyn Myss. There are many, many, excellent books, of course – Barbara Brennan’s “Hands of Light” is one that many of you would probably recognize – a classic. “Healing through Sound” by Jonathan Goldman is another that was most enlightening for me. Maybe others on this list have books they can recommend if this is a subject of interest.

Thanks again, for opening this topic. I look forward to reading the opinions and experiences of those who would like to share them.