Pathena: Perception and the Filters of Time and Sharing

Realizing that Perception is a skill that we develop via multiple processes – over time – through mistakes and successes – we hone out for ourselves, a more complete picture of what is ‘real’ today, and hopefully, through our work on ourselves, peel away more and more layers of the maya (illusions) that previously colored the reality we bought in to as being ‘real’.

Everyone has their own number of layers to peel. Some less, some more – and some go at it with more vigor than others at different times in their lives, and rest in other phases. Searching for ‘reality’ through multiple perceptions is tricky business indeed. We, after all, at one time, believed the same perception of reality that current ML members do, (or close, anyway…) Each person is unique. Each World View is as well. You get a group of people together, all energizing a shared perspective of ‘reality’ and you have a cult/religion or any other group with a shared Intent. Christian Coalitions, Environmental Groups, Pagan Practitioners, Psychological Treatment Centers, Alcoholics Annonymous – all can be seen as groups sharing a Perception of Reality that to others, does not seem correct by their own standards of the same.

In our current group here, several of us are striving to clarify our perceptions through sharing them with each other. Each person that shares openly, their experiences, their pain, their realizations and their growth and healing practices, gives the group an opportunity to decide for themselves how they wish to modify their World View. We are not being force-fed dogma and a proscribed ‘reality’ to accept and defend to the death anymore. We are engaging without demands – on a voluntary journey of discovery. Since we share an experience that took a chunk of time in each of our lives, and significantly affected the way we perceive ‘reality’ today, the ability to piece together a more complete ‘yesterday’ honors the process of the individual journey toward personal empowerment.

We are working on ourselves – alone – yet together. We are not herded into a mindset that demands we buy in to some authority’s say on what is real. If something works for you – keep it. If it doesn’t – discard it. Big difference. You don’t like my story? Ignore it. You like someone else’s? Let it move through your energy and work it’s magic. Pick and choose – take what you will and leave the rest. Share your perceptions if you feel like it, and it may trigger for me, an understanding or realization that I otherwise would not have had. There is something for everyone who wants growth. And if they want to retain their current or previous World View, they can do that as well. Who cares? Without an attachment to someone’s outcome, and no personal motives, we suddenly are involved in an experience that truly exists simply for our own benefit and as a reflection of the desire to help each other, which is strong in most of our basic natures anyway.

There’s a big difference between trying to influence someone’s behavior, and simply being available if a they choose to question. I don’t have any intention of trying to persuade anyone to leave ML at any time. I am simply working on my own self – making that self available for contact, and seeking the connection with other selves doing the same. By our very existence, and by our work toward our own wholeness, we affect the Universe in a positive way – and people feel those ripples energetically. We don’t have to DO anything outwardly. But if we choose to be available, we will be found when needed by those who are perhaps only beginning to question their force-fed ‘reality’. Or by those who are just beginning to question at all…..

It’s hard work to hone the skills of Perception. Some people would rather just be told what to believe.

The webpage, for instance – is a healing construct. If I were thinking about joining ML today, and found this site – and saw the list of over 400 people who had been there before me and left under a variety of strange conditions – heard the stories of families being torn apart, medallions being melted and souls returning to Quarks or suffering spiritual destruction as a result of leaving, knew ahead of time that they believe Patricia to be the new age Christ – and any number of things that we could list there, I would like to believe that it would have an influence on my decision and at the very least, color the lens through which I was viewing the lovely, sensory experience that most people get when they walk in those doors. Even though our Intent in creating the web page is totally non-attached to any Morningland outcome, just the very things that we do in our own healing process, by their simple existence and manifestation in this dimension – will have other effects. We aren’t trying to control any other person’s outcome or world view. We are simply available to share our own and to help each other in doing so. If someone sees us overcoming our Fears and gaining ground in the attempt to Perceive with clarity, it may convey the feeling that it just might be safe for them to attempt the same.

That’s the way I see it any way. If someone asks, there are sources now to offer answers. That hasn’t always been the case. There was no one to ask before. Now there’s us.