Pathena: The Original Dream of Morningland

by Dorie/Pathena

Let me share with you the original dream of Morningland – the Land of the Rising Sun.

Morningland was to be a teaching and healing center for all mankind for the Aquarian age. A gentle blending of Eastern and Western truth.

It was to grow to be a world-wide network of temples and schools. It was to grow to become a place where the light bearers could gather, pool their talents, energies and gifts and reach out to the brotherhood of man with a living plan for new age salvation. Children would be raised and schooled in the loving, aware environment that would nurture their special gifts and talents and raise them to be spiritual leaders in whatever area of expertise they came in to this life to live.

The energy of our vortex of love and light would grow to such proportions that peace would finally reign on this predatory planet – we would show by the example of our very lives that there was a way for all people to live together in harmony, and to work tirelessly for the salvation of our Mother, the earth, and her life forms – all of them.

We were the children of a lost Atlantis – come back to do it right. All of the lost worlds of the past – it still sends shivers up my spine to think of it because I guess I have not forsaken that dream at the core of my being. At one time, we may have had between 500 and 1,000 members… what happened to de-volute the dream to the 40 or 50 souls now hanging on to it’s remnants around an aging queen and her consorts?

Can you move to that perspective?

Can you take a look from a place that will fill you with answers?