Sri Passes Away July 15, 2003

Sri Patricia passed away July 15th, 2003 at 4:00 am, presumably in Long Beach, California.

The cause of death on her Death Certificate is Myocardial Infarction due to Arterioschlerotic Artery Disease. These are ten-dollar words to describe what the rest of us would call a heart attack.

or high blood pressure is considered to be a secondary cause of her heart attack. Smoking is known to have a relationship with both hypertension and heart disease.

Something else to consider:

Sri once said that after her passing, the vortex would hold on its own for seven months. After that, it would close and the presence of the Holy Father would give way to the destruction of the dark forces and Armageddon would ensue. That would put the date for Armageddon at February 15, 2004.

At the time of this writing, that is just a few days away. Exciting, isn’t it? 😉

Postscript: Well, we’re all still here (April 23, 2004). Whew! That was close!

Post-Postscript: (July 1, 2010) Still here!

Sri’s Death Certificate:

Here is the chart of her passing: