Sriane / Chris: My Simple Abundance

I have just discovered this site and am quite blown away by it all. It has been 20 years since I left ML. I was put on a sabbatical like so many of us. I am Chris, ML name Sriane. My husband is Craig, ML name Khatru. Son, Steve, ML name Varante.

To be brief I entered ML in 1978 through a teacher friend, (who I still think about). Like most of us at first I was enthralled by all of it. I had a place where I fit in. I started out taking classes, having readings, being an ambassador, going to Crestline. I did karma yoga, worked in fashions and even was on the security team when we were “under attack.” Through all of this I maintained a home and family. It got tougher and tougher to be there and not to be there, the fear was ever present. I was getting further and further away from the outside world.

Then the sabbatical happened. It was a blessing, although I didn’t think so for a while. I cried for a week! My life was at ML, or so I thought. I got busy with my job and learning how to talk to people in the world! After about 6 months I realized I had been in a cult. I read everything I could about cults. For me that started the healing.

I devoured new age books and started to see that some of the teachings were not exclusive to ML. I even read UFO material. I am now realizing that all we seek is inside each and every one of us. I did take some classes from a woman who taught me to meditate. I was too leery though of another group, so that didn’t last. I met her Guru from India which was a wonderful experience. Such unconditional love and light! He gave Craig and I new spiritual names. We didn’t follow him, but it didn’t matter.

My life is a quiet simple life, I like to think of it as “simple abundance.” I work part time, a good thing now that I have discovered the internet. Life is good, we don’t “die” after ML we start to live.

We are all ok,