Sri’s Predictions

The Predictions of Patricia 1977 – 1978

One of the traditions in Morningland was the annual predictions or prophecies. Sri Patricia (later repackaged as Sri Donato) was marketed as a visionary who could see into the future with uncanny accuracy. She herself described her accuracy as “1,000% correct” which was “100% correct, but with 10 times the magnification.”

Many of her predictions really can’t be verified either way. These predictions include statements such as

There is good news on the spiritual levels. People on the spiritual path will have much more inner peace and will have less war within themselves. Their health will be much better too.


Always following a leap year there is an incredible year. This will be a fast-moving year; one of great chaos. A wild, mad, reversal year in everything, including politics. There will be great confusion — deep unrest.

How can you verify that with websites that describe history? One really can’t.

Still, as I looked through Sri’s annual predictions for 1977 a few items stuck out as actually being something that we could research and come up with some historic facts to shed some light on the accuracy of her predictions.

What this forum includes are these predictions. As you read through them, you might consider doing some research on-line to see if any of these items can be verified. If you find something that supports her predictions or something that doesn’t, consider posting the URL (web address) beneath the prediction so we can see for ourselves.

All predictions (at the time of this edit, February, 2005) come from one of two editions of … as it is magazine Copyright 1977 and 1978, Morningland Publications. Specifically, what was used was volume 2 – number 11 “Special New Year’s Issue” published January 1978, and volume 3 – number 3 “Special Taurus Issue” May 1978.

Props to Sri

While I’m busy pointing out all of the things that Sri obviously missed in these “Predictions of Patricia” articles, there is one thing that she did apparently catch: The unmet need in the social zeitgeist to welcome home the Vietnam veterans was something that she noticed. So, I gotta give her 5 points for that. She was ahead of the curve on that one.

Lord God Elvis

Sri’s Prediction:

The worship of the Lord God Elvis will begin to subside by April. May the gods and the false idols rest in peace once and for all. By then, Elvis himself should be more at peace; how can he die when there are millions of people possessing him from this side?

In a sense, Sri was absolutely correct in describing The King of Rock and Roll as “Lord God Elvis”. There is an unhealthy fascination with this man who became an American icon. Come back in 2,000 years and we may all be praying to him. Still, predicting the end of worship for Elvis couldn’t have been more wrong. In the year 2000 alone, Elvis, the hardest working guy in the graveyard, pulled down $35 million in his name.

Punk Rock and Riot in December

Sri’s Prediction:

The Sex Pistols are just the beginning of a whole new trend toward low vibrational musical groups. Four other groups will be quite popular until a violent riot in December. Music groups of a higher vibration are forming, and will come forth in late 1979 and 1980.

No riots located occurring in December of 1978 stemming from rock concerts or otherwise. As for music from a lower or higher vibration, this was one of the first indoctrinations that I had into Sri brand judgment.

The very first class I took in Morningland was called “Color, Sound, and the Tarot” in which we basically listened to music and chose the tarot card that best summed up the content or sound of the song.

It was then that I heard that Santana’s music was “lower” than say Crosby Still Nash and Young. This was strange to me as I had always considered Carlos Santana to be among the more spiritually bent musicians of the day.

Sri’s judgment was less about Carlos and more about the “lower chakras” being activated by the rhythms of Santana. I suppose in that way, this music was “lower”, but I’m not sure that this takes anything away from how high it can soar.

Punk music is loud and angry. This is commonly something that adolescent teens gravitate toward. They too are loud and angry. Is that “lower” or simply a response to their internal changes?

I think that its a phase that kids grow through. I listened to Queen, myself. Their first three albums that were really loud. It appealed to me at the time. It was a phase.

Philosophically, I just don’t like the judgment of “lower” in regards to music. I’m sure that if Beethoven were alive today, he’d be totally grooving with rock music.

Advancements in Medicine and Science

Sri’s Prediction:

There will be amazing changes and discoveries in medicine and science with new research and new things being done. It will be publicly announced between September and October (1977).

Here’s something that’s kind of cool. This breakthrough gave rise to the discovery of a plastic that can conduct electricity. Not sure how much of the public imagination that this really captured, never heard of this until now.

In 1977, Shirakawa, Heeger, MacDiarmid and others published the results of their research and described their discoveries in the Journal of the Chemical Society, “Chemical Communications.” As would be expected, this discovery was considered a major breakthrough in the field of polymer science. And in fact, the significance of this discovery was to be internationally recognized, some twenty-three years later, by conferring upon Professors Shirakawa, MacDiarmid and Heeger one of the highest honors of our time, the Nobel Prize.

Let’s see if there were any other important breakthroughs in 1978. According to the Forbes magazine’s 85 Inventions that changed the world in the past 85 years, the year of 1978 features the following:

  • 1977: Merril Lynch launches the first all-in-one financial account.
  • 1977: Micael Milken oversees the first high-yield bond issue,raising $30 million for Texas International
  • 1979: Daniel Bricklin and Bob Franston create VisiCalc to let accountants record and manipulate financial data electronically.

Although these three items all feature technological breakthroughs for financial services, the vast majority of the 85 breakthroughs really do favor science and technology.

  • Stars comments on the original post: Too vague – could be anything – or nothing… did you find anything earth-shattering in the medicinal discovery department for that fall?
  • Sunfleur responds: Well, most historical records don’t get into months or seasons in which discoveries are made. Generally, they’ll record a year, but not too much more than that, unless it’s like the first successful use of a phone or some other milestone like that. I have yet to find anything significant for 1977 in the world of medical discoveries.

TV Sales Down, Kung Fu Quality Down

Sri’s Prediction:

On television violence will be up 23%. If you haven’t watched T.V. in the last three years, you’ve broken the programming. The sale of T.V. sets will decline both in ’78 and ’79. Three new programs will be aired in the autumn of this year. The public will love them, but the networks won’t. For example, the public loved “Kung Fu” several years ago, but the network didn’t. It was revamped and the message diluted. In 1978, the revamping will continue to go up and the message will continue to go down.

Television violence has been monitored by a few different organizations. I wasn’t able to confirm the specific change in TV violence for 1978 specifically, though I’m sure its out there.

  • Stars commented: I doubt the sale of TV sets has declined in any two years in history…

A Strange Assassination

Sri’s Prediction:

There will be an assassination of someone very prominent. He is dark and not necessarily a Westerner. It will make headlines because this person is in a very high position. It will be as mysterious and confused as it was with Kennedy.

So, I begin with a search for “assassination 1977″ at google.com and find the following:

On March 16, 1977 Lebanon’s Druse (Druze) Muslim leader Kamal Jumblat (also Jumblatt) was assassinated by the pro-Syrian faction of the Lebanese Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party (SSNP), possibly in collaboration with Syrian secret service agents (Mukhabarat). It doesn’t seem that there is any confusion or conspiracy theories surrounding this assassination. Nothing is mentioned here: (pages no longer found)

My next question is this: if I do a search for “assassination 1978″ I’ll bet I’ll see some sort of mysterious assassination happening every year. Okay here’s something:

The People’s Temple, the tragic events that led to the murder of Representative Leo J. Ryan and other members of his party, and the mass suicide/murder of the followers of People’s Temple that occurred in Jonestown, Guyana on November 18, 1978.

I think that this qualifies as bigger news than the guy in 1977.

Here’s assassination news from 1976: …that same question has haunted the families of Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffitt for the past 26 years. On Sept. 21, 1976, as they drove down Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, Letelier, a former Chilean foreign minister and leading critic of Gen. Augusto Pinochet’s military regime, and Moffitt, his 26-year-old American aide, were killed by a car bomb planted by agents of the Chilean secret police.

Movie about UFOs and 1982 Quake

Sri’s Prediction:

In 1979 a story of survival of the great quake of 1982 in California will be published. It will be made into a film and will show how our visitors from space are helping with such a crisis. It will be one of the most controversial films ever to be produced, rocking both the cinema and the mass consciousness. You think there was picketing for Jesus Christ Superstar and Mohammed. You haven’t seen anything yet. This will be one of the greatest films ever made, so come on, Spielberg, you’re the only one who can do it. If he gets this together, it will surpass both Jaws and Close Encounters.

Searching for “1979 movie release earthquake” at google, I can’t find anything but a movie called “Meteor” that comes close to “space” and “earthquakes”. I’ll search for “earthquake + UFO + 1982″. Nothing. Same thing for using 1979 instead. Nope. Nothing.

  • Stars comments: Here’s the ‘upstairs/visitors’ intercession theme again….
  • Diana R comments: I think it says a story will be published in 1979, not that the movie was then. Of course, I still don’t recall a controversial earthquake movie after that.

Women Love Carlos Casteneda, Men Don’t

Sri’s Prediction:

Carlos Casteneda is back with another bestseller, The Second Ring of Power. More women than men will buy the book. Men may start the book, but they’ll have a difficult time finishing it.

This prediction is a little bit difficult to verify either way, but at Amazon.com there are a number of reviews that describe this book.

Looking at the positive and negative reviews, I find the following data:

Reviews written by women: 3 positive – 0 negative
Reviews written by men: 0 positive – 1 negative
Reviews written by unknown gender: 5 positive – 2 negative – 2 ambiguous

Based on this, I would say that there is a trend among women to prefer this book, however in the majority of reviews, no gender could be determined.

Something else that I found cast some light on to Sri’s thinking on this particular subject. This is a book that goes into depth into the works of the brujas, the female sorcerors, so naturally it may be prefered by women. In particular, this review says:

Second Ring of Power is a compelling novel about the special shamanic powers of women. Centered around the female disciples of Don Juan, these women ensnare, terrify and eventually mentor the sincere yet bumbling Castenada. As he re-enters the phantasmagoric and treacherous Mexican night with his new female masters, he discovers a whole new realm of mystery and fascination. A must read for feminist Castenada fans.

I suspect that Sri was barking up the same tree on this one.

So, are Sri’s visionary powers at play in this prediction? Or is she simply an avid reader with the ability to connect some really obvious cultural dots? I’m thinking that she’s connecting dots, personally.

Farah Fawcett Out, Jose Feliciano In

Sri’s Prediction:

Farah Fawcett has had her reign. Another pseudo-queen will give her some competition in August. Jose Feliciano will have a complete changeover in his career by September. He may be offered a movie script which he may turn down. The script will revolve around a Vietnam veteran who has been brainwashed and released from a prison camp. He is rehabilitated through tone. It will be acclaimed, and will eventually inspire an array of films about returned war prisoners. One of these films will win an academy award.

There are really three predictions here:

1) Farrah Fawcett’s career. This is another prediction that is a little difficult to quantify, however looking at the films in which she appeared over the years, we can at least see if she is working or not after August of 1978.

According to her filmography, we see the following roles for Farrah Fawcett

Somebody Killed Her Husband (1978)
Sunburn (1979)
Saturn 3 (1980)
Murder in Texas (1981) (TV)
The Cannonball Run (1981)
The Red-Light Sting (1984) (TV)
The Burning Bed (1984) (TV)
Between Two Women (1986) (TV)
Extremities (1986)
Nazi Hunter: The Beate Klarsfeld Story (1986) (TV)
Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story (1987) (TV)
See You in the Morning (1989)
Margaret Bourke-White (1989) (TV)
Small Sacrifices (1989) (TV)

Perhaps most telling regarding Farrah Fawcett’s continued popularity is her appearance on the 1980 Academy Awards as a presenter. This alone should suggest that although every sex symbol has a limited shelf life, Farrah Fawcett remained alive and well after August of 1978. [Source]

2) Jose Feliciano’s career. I’ve never heard of Jose Feliciano acting. But he has appeared in films as himself playing his music: [Source]

Ah, here’s one movie he was in: It was called “Fargo” and was quite a critically acclaimed hit, however in this movie, again Jose Feliciano only plays himself singing one song. According to his bio, his musical output actually tapered off during the 80′s, though he remains a force in the world of music even to this day.

3) A Viet Nam movie about the rehabilitation of a POW.

Looking through the American Film Institute’s list of the best 400 films of all time, organized chronologically [source]. I see no movie listed that deals with a rehabilitated POW. However, 1977 and 1978 were most certainly the years of the birth of the Viet Nam war movie genre which featured such classics as The Deerhunter (1978), Coming Home (1978), Apocalypse Now (1979), and later The Killing Fields (1984) and Platoon (1986), all movies that addressed the stark reality of the warfare of the 1960′s and 70′s.

I’ll give Sri credit for bringing up the idea that Viet Nam war movies were on the rise. Still, anybody with access to entertainment industry news such as Variety would have known of the appearance of these Viet Nam movies a year before they showed up in the theatres. I’m just not sure how in touch Sri was with the movie industry when she made this prediction.

  • Stars commented: Well, remember that the Vietnam war WAS ending at that time, so it didn’t take too much in the way of vision to predict that there would be films made about it in the near future. “Rehabilitated through tone”? Don’t remember any like that. And certainly, Jose never had a “complete changeover in his career.”