Sunfleur’s Top 10 Sri Teachings

10) My DNA is slowly mutating. In 7 years I will be a full clone. 28 years later, I’m actually four clones!

9) If I don’t make my ascension, then none of the 144,000 do either. All of us go or none of us go. – This doesn’t bode especially well for those left… sorry folks.

8) If I don’t bring 10 people into the ashram, then I will be unable to make my ascension. And neither will you. See #9

7) I agreed to #8 at a meeting that I do not remember attending on a dimension that I could not perceive channeled by an individual who had everything to gain from my believing this. (So what’s the problem?)

6) Love alone can get you home, but to stay in Morningland you’ll have to put out.Honestly, I never had any particular problem with this one, but others did. :/

5) Love is what you feel when you’re afraid of losing someone. – The way that Sri was sending people away once the building was paid off, it certainly does seem like Sri was not afraid of losing thousands of adoring disciples.

4) We are all two. Us and them, those who are in and those who are out.

3) Spiritual healing is possible. – As is milking it as a marketing tool.

2) The temple was the only place where we were told we were safe when it was really the only place where many of us felt afraid.

1) That the side of light was somehow a better place to be than in the darkness when in reality, light and shadow make up one. – This is a variation of #4, we are all two.