2021 – The Faded Glory of California’s Fringe Sects

Half a century ago, you could barely walk down the street in California without tripping over some kind of fringe spiritual sect or cult-like group. Pretty much every famous organization, guru, and spiritual trend of that era had ties to the Golden State – from the Maharishi to the People’s Temple, the “Moonies” to the New Age.

But some of California’s fringe spiritual groups are still out there – little pockets of commune dwellers, transcendental meditators and UFO worshippers dotted around the state. I’ve been documenting their headquarters and places of worship.” (full article in the Guardian)

The article briefly mentions Morningland as one of the survivors from the 1970s and features a couple of photos. Morningland raised a lot more dust in the 70s and 80s, and some in the 1990s. This article was a brief peek-a-boo into the 2020s, letting the world know they are still there, still operating, still recruiting people.